What we offer

We bring you smarter, safer and greener battery solutions

We sell high quality battery cells to our business partners. We make sure these cells are used in Samsung approved ways. Our batteries are uniquely backed by warranties from market leader Samsung SDI. Our partners are better placed to demonstrate quality and reliability to their customers.

Partner of Samsung SDI

As a partner of Samsung SDI we bring predictable supply, ease of ordering and certainty of availability and pricing. Doing so, we enable customers to spend more time on R&D, product development and customers, instead of chasing of battery cells from uncertified suppliers.

The world of lithium-ion technology is rapidly evolving.

Samsung SDI is the global leader in the creation of high capacity cells such as Small Sized Li-ion Batteries and Automotive Battery. Samsung SDI cells are used in more and more applications in electric vehicles, tools and beyond.

A growing number of businesses creates these applications. Producing new devices, but also creating battery replacement and revision solutions to improve power, range or recharge rates. All of these businesses need battery cells. These cells have sometimes been hard to get and are often purchased without warranty and from unknown middlemen. This comes with a safety and business risk.

Samsung Battery Solutions was created to partner with certified users and give them access to the Samsung SDI battery cell portfolio and its product warranties. Safe, reliable, under warranty.

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