We certify to ensure quality and safety

Most lithium batteries used today are safe when designed, manufactured and used properly. However, if they have design defects, are composed of low-quality materials, assembled incorrectly, used or recharged improperly or become damaged, they can come with great risks. For this reason, we cooperate with SamsungSDI to certify our partners to ensure their battery application is safe and durable.

Certification Services

Samsung Battery Solutions performs certification services ensuring energy storage applications meet performance, reliability and safety criteria set by SamsungSDI.

By approval of Samsung SDI, only certified companies will get official access to the SamsungSDI Small sized li-ion line-up with full warranty. By doing so, we create safe applications and prevent dangerous situations, malfunctions or inefficient production.


Lithium-ion batteries store a lot of energy.
Misuse can cause fires or explosions, which can lead to serious personal and material accidents.

Download safety instructions for charging, Use, and Handling of Small-Sized Lithium-Ion Batteries