How we work

We build stronger partnerships

Our products and services are only available to businesses that have been certified. We will only sell to you, when we and Samsung SDI have helped you and are sure you use the Samsung cells in a safe way with appropriate quality. Once a partner is certified, he can order battery cells directly from us. Together we will plan volumes, set delivery schedules, agree prices and book orders. Everything you buy from us will be under SamsungSDI warranty. It is that simple.


If you use battery cells to create storage
solutions (assembler)

We get in touch and sit down together to understand your business and your needs. We will start a simple and streamlined process to certify your business and the main application of the battery cells you use.

Once that is done, we formalize our partnership in contracts and technical arrangements so you can plan volumes and order. We then take care of reliable supply of high quality battery cells under warranty. Simple. Over time we can provide you with information of upcoming innovations of Samsung SDI and where needed may provide technical advice on the use of Samsung SDI cells.

If you buy and sell storage
solutions (resellers)



If you buy and sell storage solutions (resellers)

If you are a retailer, manager of a large park of electric vehicles or tools or a seller of storage solutions we may be able to help you.

You are looking for storage solutions that are high quality, safe and reliable. The backing of a global market leader such as Samsung SDI and its warranty on the battery cells will give you and your customers comfort. You want to be sure that the production process of the storage solutions you use is certified. We at Samsung Battery Solutions are there to help you set up a supply of storage solutions that meets your requirements. High quality and value for money. We can connect you to the global market leader in battery technology.