About us


We have the energy to move the world

We believe safety, quality, reliability and sustainability are critical to the continued growth of storage solutions. It is our purpose to make high quality and safe battery cells available to businesses with less business risk, less complexity and more predictability.

We are an approved partner of Samsung SDI with a decade of experience of working with Samsung. We have been tasked to build partnerships and certify users of battery cells in the European battery replacement market. We bring the speed and agility of a startup and the technical expertise, and resources of Samsung SDI.

Stronger partnerships



Stronger partnerships

Putting together multiple (value chain) parties and facilitating a productive and safe process is what we do. Why?

Because the solutions of today are often too big to tackle alone and ask for a more systemic collaboration between partners. Moreover: existing relations are often limited to transactional interactions. We believe in the power of partnerships: real value exchange in which partners overcome traditional boundaries, collaborate and support each other to make more impact, together.


Closer to Market leader

We’re partnering with market leader Samsung SDI. This close collaboration allows us to provide warranty products to certified customers.

We have direct access to technologies and volumes, allowing us to provide reliable supply and certainty of origin at value for money prices. It also makes it possible to use direct support channels and always be one step ahead with technology trends in a rapidly changing energy industry, helping our clients to improve their technology strategies.