The uncompromising balance between value and battery life

Can your scooter make a round trip without exhausting the battery?

Second life battery is getting serious

A sustainable business opportunity.

Batteries power the future

They make electrical bikes, scooters and tools run and power more and more cars, boats and even homes. Batteries are a crucial part of a sustainable future. Batteries do not last forever. When they loose capacity, they need to be replaced. Extending the productive life of emobility, powertools and other electronic devices. This is where Samsung Battery Solutions comes in. We sell high quality, reliable Samsung battery cells and batteries for battery replacement. Professional and service minded we team up to make it simple for our partners to buy quality, reliable, batteries under warranty for battery replacement and revision.

What we offer

We sell world class battery cells. Safe, state of the art, reliable batteries created by market leader Samsung SDI. Under warranty and only to certified users.

How we work

We build lasting partnerships. We help our partners get certified and then give these users of battery cells access to high quality batteries. Simple and with value for money. Trusted, predictable, reliable, under warranty. So you can focus on bringing the best storage solutions to your customers.


Safety is crucial to battery consumers and for the industry in general. Safety starts with quality cells and with safe applications. We help you to get access to the best cells and use them in a certified application. Team up with you to work safely and sell safety.

About us

We believe safety, quality, reliability and sustainability are critical to the continued growth of storage solutions. We are an approved partner of Samsung SDI with a decade of experience of working with Samsung. It is our role to build partnerships and collaborate to certify users of battery cells in the European battery replacement market. We bring the speed and agility of a startup and the technical expertise, and resources of Samsung SDI.

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